Today I had the absolute pleasure to spend some time with Goldglove and Ally… Two of my absolute favorite Twitch streamers. I first found Goldglove through one of my favorite games – Day Z.  On any given night he could be streaming any new game but he comes back to Day Z quite a bit, much to my great pleasure. He streams a lot with his girlfriend Ally and it’s often a blast to watch both streams and see the banter from different sides. On any given night you might be watching this with 10,000 people many of whom are fellow subscribers to their streams and pay $4.99 a month of which a large portion goes to the streamers themselves.

Twitch has largely supplanted TV for me now. It’s become a whole other thing. It’s at different times of the day the background noise while I’m working, a real time chat with our customers and an exceedingly important communication tool for getting the word about about our games. I also use it as my “what to play next” barometer. The stats are off the charts.. It’s an insanely sticky site and more and more gamers are streaming every day on multiple platforms.

The thing big as this is…. It’s nothing compared to where it will be two years from now and more importantly where this whole medium is capable of going. Nothing exemplifies this better than Twitch plays Pokemon. Hundreds of thousands of players helped play a real time game of Pokemon that went on for a long time. It’s hard to even describe how it worked.but somehow it did and it was glorious to behold. The gaming industry is widely adopting cryptocurrencies. People who do not want to reveal their identity while gaming can use gaming platforms that accept cryptocurrencies. AI technology can help crypto trading to find the right trading signals. Visit to find bitcoin robots that use AI technology.

To me that interactivity is the difference. Right now we are watching people streaming their gameplay. We are moving from just a voice over streaming gameplay to incredibly professional looking broadcasts done by incredibly talented streamers like Goldglove and Ally, or Lirik or Cohhcarnage. Some of them stream by themselves, and many of them stream with their regular crews that are often part of the night after night. In fact I’ve got my favorites set up so literally 7/24 there is someone broadcasting even for a longtime insomniac like me. And it’s not just a US thing either. It’s all over the world.

The thing that excites me the most is thinking about where this can go… I’d love to see a half hour drama staged in my favorite games.. Or imagine an interactive House of Cards level tv show from Netflix… Except performed live with some interactivity with the audience. You could do some bad ass stuff with the audience actually being involved.

How about Spartacus with the audience getting a real time thumbs up or down?

Are you not entertained?

Streaming games is a powerful new medium, but the interactivity we are already seeing out of Twitch is the dawn of a whole new kind of entertainment. Gaming is, as it usually is, the tip of the spear. Twitch is a game changer. When I heard that $1B Google buyout rumor all I could think was it’s worth way more!