Clash of Clans Cheats, Tips and Tricks – 2018 Strategy


Some Guidelines and Advice for Playing Clash of Clans

Clash of Clans is one of the most popular games online today. In order to do well, a few tips and tricks can help improve your chances of creating the most successful clan. The game sounds very simple on the surface but depending on your level of commitment, you can be a casual player or one that takes the game seriously. There are many different features that make for good gameplay dependent on experience. The play is based on building forts with resources you gather using various methods. You build armies and raid other forts and villages. You earn rewards like trophies. Learning how to join forces with other clans, leverage your resources to best advantage is one of the attractions of the game. There are certain points that a player should educate himself on if he or she wants to do well. The Clash of Clans tips, tricks, and cheats below can help increase the odds of winning.

Don’t Spend Your Gems Too Soon


A useful tip concerns when a player should save his or her gems and what to spend them on that can help you the most. Patience is the key here. Do not spend your gems too soon. Horde the gems for as long as possible until you decide. The gems are the currency and part of a good strategy for success is determining what to use them for in order to best help your clan. Things like builders huts, resources, boosting collectors/mines and building huts, and completing your upgrades early can be bought with gems. This may not, however, be the best strategy. You have to decide what will help you implement your strategy best. The biggest mistake made by players is deciding too soon and spending their precious gems. Learning to be patient and saving up your gems can help you progress further more quickly. You do not want to make an impetuous decision and then later realize that if you had only saved instead of spent the gem your village would have been saved or you could have won a major battle. You should complete your missions first and clear out obstacles and keeping added to your gem collection. Get the number of gems in your hoard as high as possible, then make an informed decision and spend them appropriately.

The Best Defense Is A Good Offense?


The old military saying, “The best defense is a good offense” does not necessarily apply to the game. Some players like to concentrate on defense, and others on offense. Collecting resources and building up defenses works to a certain extent, but almost certainly you will also be raiding too. For defense, the most important tip is to take care of the town hall. Walls and defensive structures come next in level of importance. For defensive structures, concentrate on mortar, archer towers, and cannons, in that order. Protect your resources too and upgrade them completely as soon as you are able to do so. Remember that if you spend time building strong defenses and obtaining a higher level town hall, you will get lesser rewards when raiding lower level town halls. Offense and defense go hand in hand if you want to be a successful player.

Understanding Of Resources During Multiplayer Battles


Knowing exactly what resources to raid during multiplayer battles is critical if you want to be a top level player of the game. The first thing to remember is that, while you get 100% of all resources stored in the town hall, the amount will be a lot less if you are raiding someone ranked lower. Raiding someone at a higher level can significantly increase your resources.

100% resources in the Town Hall
75% Dark Elixirs in Dark Elixir Drills
50% resources gold/elixir collectors
20% resources gold/elixir storage Max 198.000
5% Dark Elixirs Dark Elixir Storage Max 2.000

Use Lightning Spell Against Mortars And Air Defense

Lightning Spell

The proper use of the lightning spell is important. Don’t waste the lightning spell by using it where something else can be more effective. Save it and use it to maximize the damage you can inflict. The lighting spell has a lot of different aspects to it. Using the lightning spell correctly can be the difference between winning and losing major battles. Use the lightning spell against mortars and air defense. Even the strongest mortar and wizard tower can be easily taken out by level 4 or higher lightning spells. Avoid using the lightning spell for killing troops. Poison spells do that more effectively. Remember that lightning spell does the most damage at the exact spot that you place it. The damage that occurs as you get further away is much less.

End Your Battle Prematurely When Facing An Overwhelming Force


Keeping your trophies is very important. You can keep them even if you end a battle prematurely. If an overwhelming raiding force tells you immediately that you should surrender, do it immediately. You can keep your trophies as long as you do not deploy troops or cast any spells. Make sure too that you do not have the surrender option visible or you will negate this advantage.

Upgrade Your Walls As Soon As Possible


A good base design means building lots of good walls. The wooden walls you get at first should be upgraded as soon as possible (at least level three or preferably level four or five). Place them all around your base and close off any open pathways. You will want single and double walls or several layers lined up against each other.

Use Traps and Teslas To Protect Town Hall

Traps and Teslas

Traps and Teslas are a great way to protect your town hall. Using the element of surprise works very well against raiders since most enemies will concentrate on attacking walls and looking for weaknesses. Surround your town hall with teslas and surprise your opponents when they try to attack. This will help blunt assaults and help increase your enemy’s casualty count.

Take Advantage Of Revenge


Take as much revenge against rival clans as you can and do it immediately. This will give you a chance to scout out your enemies base. You will be more prepared for the raid when you know the location of all their resources before you expend your own trying to raid their stronghold.

Use The Shield When Your Buildings Are Destroyed


When the buildings of your village get destroyed, make sure you take advantage of the shield time you get and rebuild as much as you can. The time the shield stays up depends on the percentage of destruction the enemy has caused. You get a 12-hour shield if 40% of your buildings are destroyed or your town hall is razed. You get a 16-hour shield if 90% of the buildings are destroyed. Use the shield time wisely to help reconfigure your walls and protect resources.

Clan Wars

Clan Wars

One thing all new players should do is let the matchmaking determine your best opponent and then attack. It is worth going up against higher rated opponents as the potential awards mean more resources for you to use. Keep the lines of communication open with other clans and get their assistance. The more senior clan members can help you strategize. Finally, use scouts to determine how to build the most effective army to win your raids. Take the whole day that you get to prepare as much as possible.

Keeping the tips and strategies above in mind can help improve your chances of getting into competitive league play quickly. Following these tips will help keep your opponents on edge and gain the overall advantage.

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