Simple Guide on How to Improve Gaming Performance on your Laptop

Gaming on your PC or laptop may be such a daunting task especially if you are not used to it. That is why you need to be a fast-learner to discover all the necessary ways to improve your gaming experience on your laptop. Fair enough, there might be possible do-it-yourself skills that you can employ in order to improve the gaming performance of your laptop. Here are some tips recommended by Gaming Guide Tips ( that you can check out to improve your laptop’s gaming performance below.

1. Maintain good laptop hygiene

Well, truth be told, we cannot put the cart before the horse, you first need to make sure that your laptop is clean. That is the only way that you will be able to enjoy gaming on a laptop that has a great physical appearance. You ought to remember that dirt and dust are likely to hinder your progress. They clog the laptop hence cause a reduction in airflow. This might, in turn, cause your laptop to overheat therefore causing the operating system to slow down. A slow machine is not good for gaming so always maintain good laptop hygiene to improve your laptops gaming performance.

2. Keep your drivers updated

Updating your graphics card drivers is crucial in improving your overall gaming experience. The two major companies that have good quality graphics cards are Nvidia and AMD. Once you install Nvidia graphics card, your laptop is good to go. AMD also makes sure that all your system drivers are up to date.

3. Overclock the GPU

This may be sound like rocket science to a beginner, but it is pretty simple. There are tools available when you have installed AMD or Nvidia, so it should not be a difficult task. The only thing that you need to be wary about is the power and possibility of your laptop overheating. Here you will thank the heavens if you have been consistent in maintaining your laptop. Overclocking will consume more electricity. Therefore, it is important for you to adjust your laptop’s power settings.

4. Adjust power settings

In order to make your laptop more efficient in gaming, you might have to adjust your laptop’s power settings. If you are using Windows 10, there are detailed power management options that are provided for you. This is meant to assist you in maintaining your laptop’s battery as you use it for gaming. Having optimum power will help your laptop improve its gaming performance significantly.

5. Put your laptop on game mode

Anyone can use this tip; if your laptop is running on Windows 10, you can simply switch it to game mode before starting to play. Every Windows 10 has the Xbox app. This app has the game mode setting. You need to download the app and re-install it if you do not have it on your laptop. Once the Windows 10 game mode is activated, then the laptop’s operating system will begin running the game using optimum settings that are ideal for a smooth gaming experience.

6. Close all apps in the background

Check your toolbar and confirm whether there are any tabs open or running apps. Make sure that you close all apps running in the background. Remember that our main focus is to improve your laptop’s gaming performance.

7. Check your network speed

If you are an online gamer, you need to have access to reliable internet connection. Your laptop’s gaming performance will be dependent on the network speeds if you are playing online. Make sure that you update your wireless network card drivers in order to reduce lag in online gaming.

8. Optimize your software

When you begin gaming, you need to update the software on your laptop. This is because, when a new game is launched, the software that is on the laptop will continue being active until it is updated. Therefore updating it soon after installing your new games will go a long way in improving your computer’s gaming performance.

9. Upgrade to multiplayer performance

Optimize your laptop’s performance in gaming by reducing the number of players who can play the same game at a go. You can set up a LAN or use Internet multiplayer game to enable you to have a good gaming experience.

10. Control your texture settings

Lastly, you need to adjust your graphics card settings and control the texture and shader settings. These will dictate how your game looks and all options available are dependent on the space you have on your laptop’s RAM. Textures that have high resolutions will consume your RAM space hence may have an impact in slowing down your machine.

In a nutshell, in case all the above fails, you need to check whether your hardware needs updating. You can read more information for budget gaming laptops here. This might have a great impact because older hardware versions may not be very much compatible with new games. Simply replace them in order to improve your laptop’s gaming experience.

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